Our Story

Our Story

Our Story Velosight family shot

I’ve been cycling in some form for as long as I can remember. My wife grew up on a ranch and always had a horse, so when I bought her a bike when we first got married she thought it was cool, but she’d never had her own and didn’t consider herself a “biker.” Ha! As our family grew, so did our bike collection, and after many years I’ve finally got her onboard with the whole “being a cyclist” thing and we love hitting the trails on family rides.

When our bikes were stolen off the back of our car in the Summer of 2014, I had the difficult assignment of replacing all our beloved bikes and getting us back on the road. Our oldest son cried about it several times. He loved his bike and had just finished his first 50 mile ride at 6 years old! Now he thought he wasn’t going to get to ride anymore. (So thanks to the jerks in Spokane who stole our bikes - you also made a little kid cry).

With a little work I was able to get similar bikes to the ones we’d lost and my sons wanted to customize their new rides. We own WallQuotes.com (decals for home décor & professional signage applications) so they are used to vinyl and asked about putting some decals on their new bikes (and helmets, and scooters, and the car bumper if we’d have let them). Since they spend time on the streets near home in the evening, I thought it would be a good time to look into reflective material to make them more visible, and viola’, the first Vélosight prototypes were born.

We spent several more months working on cool designs, testing out sizing, getting compliments and requests from our friends, and we’re finally ready to share our awesome new product with the world.

As any cyclist knows, it’s the hard parts that make for the great stories. We’re excited to share our story with you and hear about yours. Use #velosight on social media and we’ll see you out there.


Founder, VelosightDecals.com