Safety Science

What are Vélosight™ Decals?

Vélosight™ reflective decals are made with engineer grade 3M reflective material. That means they have a strong adhesive to stay on in the toughest conditions while still being removable when new design inspiration strikes. Vélosight decals are highly conformable, which is ideal for placing them on all the curved surfaces that a bike frame or helmet has to offer.

Vélosight decals come in a variety of designs and each one is available in 11 different premium colors so you can find a set to match your style.

Vélosight decals are perfect for mountain biking, commuting, road, cycling, touring, or watching your kids do sweet figure eights in the front yard - basically everything you can do on a bike! - are just a few of the uses you can put your new decals to.

reflective and not-reflecting colors for velosight decals

Left: Colors in day light; Right: Colors in light at night

The Science of Safety

"I Didn't See You"

Words that every cyclist fears. Visibility is a concern all cyclists share and any time you share the road with cars, making sure you are seen is a top priority.

Unfortunately, most cyclists over-estimate their visibility and are often only visible once passing cars are already past their safe stopping distance ranges.

Florescent clothing doesn’t work in low lighting - its eye catching color comes from UV radiation present in sunlight but not most lights - and bike lights only offer a small point of light that can be costly to buy and maintain and the research is inconclusive on how much of an impact blinking lights have on your visibility - which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the nicest one you can afford, or that Vélosight decals are substitutes for bike lights, we just know most cyclists can’t afford to put a blinking light on every bike part. We certainly can’t!

A recent study by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia shows the most effective way for cyclists to boost their visibility is reflective material on moving parts, and that reflective is better than fluorescent.

Enter Vélosight™ bike decals. Our reflective bike decals use engineer grade 3M Scotchlite™ material to redirect oncoming light through glass beads and back at the light source so that drivers will see you more easily. Being seen is the first key to keeping safe, and Vélosight™ decals will help you get noticed!

Links to Visibility Research

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